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Bella on Women

“My charge to women is to keep climbing the career ladder. Climb it anxiously, climb it confidently, but just keep climbing. And when you get to the top, because you will, extend a helping hand to the women coming behind you—this is how we grow.”

Bella on Business

“A good plan serves as a beacon to keep on track with targets.”

Bella on Reading

“The love of reading is a gift we can give the children in our lives. It is the gateway to imagination, understanding, innovation, and pathways that can truly change the world.”

Do your best. Do it so that your actions speak for you in rooms where you are not present. They go ahead of you and fight for you. Do it even when you think no one is watching - I assure you that someone is.

We can become better at what we actively decide we want to be better at.

Discipline, embracing my individuality and a constant rebellion against stagnation have been rudiments that contributed to my steady rise.

Languages are important and will come in handy down the road — pay attention and learn them with intentionality.

Bella at the #CEOTalks2020