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In a significant event marking International Women’s Day, leading telecommunications company, Globacom, on Friday launched  SheGlows initiative, a landmark program aimed at empowering, developing, and celebrating the company’s female workforce. 

SheGlows underscores Globacom’s commitment to fostering an environment where women can thrive, lead, and inspire. The initiative focuses on nurturing talent, providing leadership opportunities, and building a supportive community that encourages the growth and success of every woman at Globacom.                                                        

The  Executive Vice Chairperson (EVC),Globacom, Bella Disu, disclosed at the event that the programme’s objective is  to empower the female workforce with the tools, knowledge, and support system needed to excel in their careers and leadership roles. 

“This is more than just a programme; it’s a reflection of our dedication to creating a balanced, inclusive, and empowering workplace,” she said, adding, “SheGlows is a testament to our belief in the incredible potential of our female colleagues and our commitment to lighting their path to success.” 

According to her, at the heart of SheGlows are mentorship and community-building activities designed to foster meaningful connections, share knowledge, and offer guidance. “The initiative aims to create a culture of empowerment where women support women, sharing experiences and lessons that pave the way for future leaders”, she noted further. 

Bella Disu said  Globacom looked forward to witnessing the positive changes and achievements emerging from the vibrant community of empowered women which SheGlows will engender saying, “The initiative is a crucial step towards realizing the company’s vision of a diverse and inclusive workplace where every woman has the opportunity to shine and lead”.

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