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In a momentous gathering that marked the 67th Investiture of the International Women’s Society (IWS), Bella Disu took the helm as both the chair and the keynote speaker, driving a powerful message of empowerment and equality. The event, centered around the theme “Empowering Women and Girls: Paving the Path to Equality and Success,” was a vibrant platform to advocate for a more equitable future for women and girls across all spheres of life.

Reflecting on the tenure of Mrs. Izabella Abia-Okon, Mrs. Disu praised the outgoing president for her visionary leadership and substantial contributions to the mission of the IWS. “Mrs. Abia-Okon’s tenure has significantly shaped our collective efforts towards empowering women and girls, leaving a legacy that will inspire our endeavors for years to come,” said Mrs. Disu.

As the IWS welcomes Dame Olabisi Alokolaro as the incoming president, Mrs. Disu expressed enthusiasm for the organisation’s future under her guidance. “Dame Alokolaro brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective that promises to invigorate our mission. I am eager to see the transformative impact of her leadership on our efforts to foster gender equality and uplift women and girls.”

The Investiture event highlighted the importance of such gatherings and the unwavering dedication of individuals committed to empowering women. Mrs. Disu emphasized that with such inspiring leadership and our collective efforts, we are positioned to make significant progress towards a future where equality and success are not just aspirations, but realities.

Mrs. Disu’s participation in the 67th IWS Investiture not only highlights her ongoing commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment but also reinforces her role as a leading advocate for social change. As a prominent business executive, philanthropist, and thought leader, Mrs. Disu continues to leverage her platform to champion the rights and advancement of women and girls, both in Nigeria and around the globe.

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