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In a poignant return to her alma mater, Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls, Bella Disu delivered a stirring address to the students and faculty in celebration of International Women’s Day 2024. Highlighting the power of curiosity and the importance of community, Mrs. Disu’s visit was a testament to the lasting impact of education and the bonds formed in school.

“Good morning, ladies. It’s such a delight to be here, after being away for so long,” Mrs. Disu began, expressing her joy and disbelief at how time has flown since her days as a student at Vivian Fowler. Reflecting on her own experiences, she shared how participating in various school activities like choir, debate, and spelling competitions laid the foundation for her diverse contributions to business, arts, and philanthropy today.

Mrs. Disu also addressed the feeling of not fitting in, a sentiment familiar to many, encouraging students to embrace their uniqueness and potential. “Who here has ever felt like they didn’t fit in?…I sometimes answered in the affirmative,” she admitted, emphasizing the importance of overcoming doubts to unleash one’s greatness.

One of the highlights of Mrs. Disu’s speech was her homage to Beyonce, a figure she admires for embodying curiosity and excellence through collaboration across different art forms. This, Mrs. Disu pointed out, is a powerful lesson for young women everywhere to pursue excellence in their endeavors.

A touching moment in her address was the acknowledgment of her best friend, Mrs. Yeside Doregos, whom she met 26 years ago at Vivian Fowler. Their enduring friendship illustrates the deep connections formed during school years and the role they play in one’s journey through life.

In closing, Mrs. Disu urged the students to move forward with kindness, curiosity, and tenacity, emphasizing that these values, coupled with the support of the community, can accelerate progress.

Mrs. Disu’s visit to Vivian Fowler on International Women’s Day was not just a walk down memory lane but a clarion call to young women to explore, engage, and excel. It was a day of inspiration, reflection, and celebration of the potential within each student to contribute meaningfully to the world.

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