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LAGOS, August 2023 – In a distinctive show of community involvement, Bella Disu chose to strengthen ties with the Lagos Food Bank, focusing keenly on the ‘Nutrition Meal Plan for All’ (NUMPLAN) initiative. This wasn’t just a partnership on paper; Mrs. Disu actively volunteered, immersing herself in the initiative by assessing beneficiaries firsthand.

Her visit to the Lagos Food Bank was both enlightening and engaging. Bella Disu interacted directly with those set to benefit from the initiative, gaining insights into their lives and the challenges they face daily.

Making her visit even more impactful, through the Bella Disu Foundation, she announced a commitment designed to support 36 beneficiaries over the forthcoming three months. This aid ensures that the NUMPLAN initiative will thrive, providing essential nutrition to those in need.

This partnership and hands-on approach truly exemplify Bella Disu’s dedication to community development, and her desire to bring about tangible change in the lives of those supported by the Lagos Food Bank.

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